WATCH: Cogel – ‘Felusine’

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Cogel first came to our attention a few months back with their track ‘Felusine’.

The Sydney band have teamed up with director Tim Gibbs for their new video, and it’s pretty impressive stuff (apart from reinstating my trivial fear of 3D head moulds). Gibbs’ idea does well at wringing out every ounce of melodrama possible – and there are definitely some beautiful moments which capture the brunt of all the emotive dynamo going on here. It all starts off reasonably mild, but there’s no short supply of frames past the 1:58 mark which makes this one go down with other slightly creepy/arresting, but surely memorable clips (this +definitely this).

The band’s EP Nowhere Near will be released next month, with the launch happening Nov 2nd at the Beresford with the Bell Weather Department.

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