LISTEN: Rites Wild – ‘Rites Wild Theme’

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Rites Wild is Stacey Wilson, the talent behind Regional Curse and Terrible Truths, and is about to release the LP Ways of Being which is a collection of songs from tapes that Rites Wild put out herself and two (I think) unreleased songs. This sound is a more ‘up’ sound then Regional Curse and I can’t help but falling for it. Rites Wild sounds familiar in that it feels calming and secure. You’re taken down a road you’ve maybe been before but still find irresistible. The atmosphere is filled with beats and manipulated vocals in perfect harmony. If this girl isn’t scoring the next Australian indie break-out film, I’ll be heart broken. I picked up this track from the awesome Sound Summit sampler which is def worth checking out. You can pre-order the ‘Ways of Being’ LP here.


Rites Wild‘Rites Wild Theme’

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Rites Wild is playing the following dates:

September 28 –  Sound Summit, Newcastle
September 29 – Format Festival, Adelaide
September 30 –  Metro, Adelaide
October 4  – Bar Open, Melbourne (Heavy Lows Label Launch)
October 7 – Gasometer, Melbourne



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