Birds of Tokyo: ‘Silhouettic’

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Birds of Tokyo – ‘Silhouettic’ (mp3)

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It only took me about 20 seconds to realise this is the best thing Birds of Tokyo have ever done. Their first release, Day One, was a solid pop-rock album but something about ‘Silhouettic’ (which, by the way, isn’t in my dictionary Mr Kenny) pushes all the right buttons.

When you dissect it though, there’s not a lot going on, but the power of a well-written song is that you don’t need bells, whistles and fluff. Ian Kenny’s vocals are second to none, and the reason why he’s considered king amongst men in the alt rock scene in Oz. He carries this song that plain rocks, and doesn’t do much else. It’s just 3:25 of pure rock goodness, and why would you want anything else? Production is a step-up from the first album, enveloping the listener in sound. Check it out in your headphones!



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