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The Curse of Company – ‘All The Mines’

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Well! Dappled Dave has created himself a new band with a few of his fellow musician friends and they call themselves The Curse Of Company. It’s very conceptual and if you do get into the arty cue card and the cleverly designed website and the beautiful photos before listening to this song then it’s an easy ride to their collective musician minds. What? Oh, you probably haven’t got the instructions. I’ll just cut and paste it down below here then:

Hey Bloggers, With the amount of support you’ve shown Dappled Cities over the last few years, I wanted to not-so-formally introduce you to my brand-spanking-new band The Curse of Company. It’s a real band (not a supergroup!), and one that I’m hugely proud of, and it’s sightly birth is quite exciting! So call this a make-shift advance press release if you will; some info on the band to be used at your mercy:

The Curse of Company consists of myself as Wiley Rennick (songwriter, co-producer), the redsunband’s Sarah Kelly, Tim “Jack Ladder” Rogers, Mr Bungle and Secret Chief 3’s Danny Heifetz, and Gerling’s Burke Reid (co-producer). The debut album, titled Leo Magnets joins a gang, is due for release later this year in Australia and USA through Hollywood-based indie label Dangerbird Records.

The debut single, All The Mines, was taken to JJJ and FBI last week and was immediately slapped on high rotation on both. RRR are also in the loop. And just and hour ago, I put the All The Mines Single Bundle up on for FREE DOWNLOAD for the duration of one month. The bundle includes the single, the filmclip, the demo, and the photographic artwork files. And yes, the free download is literally ‘buried” in the site, so only the cluey visitors may actually find it… ummmmm good luck!

The Curse of Company play our debut full-band show next Tuesday 27th May at the Hopetoun Hotel, with special guests Adrian Deutsch and Des Miller, $8 tix. There will not be many shows like this for us – I imagine the next batch will occur later in the year following the release of the album.

That’s it! A press shot is attached, as is a bio card with some more formal info. Go crazy…

thanks, dave wiley rennick



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