The first time I saw the band name Karnivool written down, I had serious doubts about them – what decent band would spell their name like that, only a dodgy high school metal act would do that.  That was until I heard these guys… and that was it, I was completely blown away!

Karnivool are far from a juvenile metal act, they’re one of this country’s best heavy bands.  Their debut EP Persona generated a lot of buzz around their home state of Western Australia, but it wasn’t until ‘Shutterspeed’ hit the airwaves of Triple J, a support slot on the Cog tour and the release of their awesome album Themata that Karnivool took off.  They’re a metal band at their core, but they infuse their music with a strong sense of melody, mixed with some mindblowing instrumentation and constantly-shifting time signatures, and what you get is music light years ahead of so many heavy acts.  It’s their infectious music and great groove that’s opened them up to a national audience.

The band was still independent when they released Themata, and the past couple of weeks has seen the band ink a deal with the American label Bieler Bros. Records, which means the album’s going to get a release in the States and other countries too. They’re currently trekking around Australia on their Synopsis tour, their final national tour before they hit the studios to record a new album. So I think we’ll grab the track that brought them to national attention – ‘Shutterspeed’.

Karnivool – ‘Shutterspeed’

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  1. Tom&Duds

    August 28, 2006 2:03 am

    About 5 years ago i loved the band kneival, and rushed to The Green Square Hotel in Zetland to see them play.
    I quickly began to wonder why this soft rock act attracted so many black clothes and tattoos to their gig???
    The simple explanation: I’d overlooked the not so subtle difference in spelling bewteen Kneival & Karnivool.

    Funny thing is I actually quite liked it!!!



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