LOOK: Good Sniff draws ‘Pig City’


Local illustrator Good Sniff has gone to the liberty of sketching more than 300 individual faces belonging to 106 Brisbane bands.

“It got to a point about midyear where I’d be scooting around in the Valley and I’d recognise people because I’d drawn their faces. Which is creepy.”

She describes it as “character design exercise that got waaaay out of hand”.

Do take a closer look at this. It’s scarily accurate, even if there’s at least one member of every act who looks a little seedy <Gung Ho>.My favourites are Violent Soho looking doing 50 shades o’ Nazareth, JSS’s hair diversity, typical bong-eyed Dune Rats and the left Origliasso twin who looks like Julia Zemiro on meth.

Apparently she’s doing more revisions to this one, but I’d definitely like to see her take on another state.

Find the full res image here.





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