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It’s been far too long since I received a mixtape. The last I was given was a flimsy cd with some tacky love notes etched into the front and a list of songs waiting to be interpreted too literally. Still, mixtapes are a nice gesture. Kind of like the thoughtfulness of a pal buying you fresh vinyl or a pre-release, but not really as thrilling as doing a music hard-drive swap and discovering your friend’s skip-hop collection.

It’s our job to siphon out the good stuff, so we’ve compiled a load of our favourite new tunes for your essential summer listening. Our Vol. 6 mixtape is nearly notching 40K listens, so if that’s some indication that we can probably DJ at your backyard party, then hit me.


Vol. 8 from on 8tracks Radio.


(see below for full track list)

WTH VOL 8. Tracklisting:


1) ‘History Eraser’ – Courtney Barnett

2) ‘Tomorrow Mountain’ – Bad Dreems

3) ‘Let’s Go Out’ – Crass Creatures

4) ‘Puverem’ – Skinny Jean

5) ‘Run Faster’ – Buchanan

6) ‘We Knew That We Had To Leave’ – The Good China

7) ‘On The Run’ – Colour Bomb

8) ‘Sit On The Hill’ – The Ocean Party

9) ‘Maylands’ – T A N T R U M S

10) ‘Hypothermia’ – Collarbones (ft. Guerre)

11) ‘Revealer’- New War

12) Mumble – Atolls

13) Sunshine Punch – Day Ravies

14) All Gone – Pop Singles

15) Teen Mums – Major Leagues

16) Pictures of Summer – The Model School

17) Rites Wild Theme – Rites Wild

18) Better Off Alone – Pearls

19) Mexico – Sleep Decade

20) Passenger – KSSR

21) Heartslur – Braves

22) What Did We Do? – Grizzly Jim Lawrie

23) Tighten Up (Black Keys cover) – Velma Grove

24) Six Six Six – Melodie Nelson (ft. Geoffrey O’ Connor)

25) Was It Worth It – Mama Kin


To hear the rest of our mixtapes, hang out here.






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