LISTEN: Cull – ‘Good People Disappear’

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Alex Watts wrote for our blog back in 2011. He’s good at a lot of things not limited to banjo and the internet, including siting in various musical positions for Brendan McClean and Chance Waters.

Cull is Alex’s new side project. He plays guitars in Cull with his pal Chumpy Ly (Polar Knights) on vocals. (I hope Chumpy is his real name).

The first few bars of ‘Good People Disappear’ does have an obvious Tame Impala tweak (watch the kids go cray). But apparently so does every other song made in history with a sturdy melodic minor guitar chord progression and phased out vocals. While everyone is still aroused by anything that sounds remotely like it was touched by the hand of Kevin Parker, this first tune from Cull is still a great psych-pop gem in its own jamtastic right (refer 2:00 onwards). Ride the wave Chumpy, ride the wave.




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