LOOK: XMAS FUNRAYS ft. Them Swoops, Harts, House of Laurence + Two Bright Lakes DJS

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Us internet folk try to do some nice things sometimes. We spend our spare time trudging through all your submissions so we can say some nice stuff about your band in return for no money, minor thanks and getting expired cider at label parties. That being said, the joys of the internet are alright – ie: receiving things like this remix of ‘Absolutely Everybody’ in our inbox yesterday…

Last Christmas we decided to be good blog folk and raise some funds to help The Song Room. These guys spend their time implementing music programs and sending teachers out to disadvantaged schools in non-English speaking and indigenous areas. Good stuff.

We thought this was a worthy cause, so we gathered our fave bands, hung a shitload of Christmas trees from the roof of the Workers Club and turned and threw a damn good Xmas festivus to help raise funds for these guys.

House of Laurence bestowed some shoegaze goodness and their generous haircuts on all. Harts and his band, all dressed in white, did well at  doing the best live Prince hologram anyone could have asked for. There’s no lingering doubt that Them Swoops sound like Phoenix…but that’s never a bad thing, especially when your crowd wants to party like it’s 2009, or 1901, or whatever ya know. Eliza from Oh Mercy joined the guys on stage to shake some maracas for a cover song at the end of the night which I forget the name of because I was too wrapped up in warm fuzzy Xmas vibes/free Sailor Jerrys. And then Marty + Zoe +Tig from Two Bright Lakes turned up, played the best tunes and errybody spent the rest of the night prancing around to R&B jams and kicking around fake ‘snow’.

It was a damn festive FUNRAYS. Big thanks to the bands, dudes from Two Bright Lakes, Triple R, Sailor Jerry’s, Workers + everyone who helped us raise profits for The Song Room.

Real snow. Next year.



Photos by Bec Capp + Alan Weedon.



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