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Australian instrumental rock bands are generally a very underrated and under-heard species. With a little bit of creativity and imagination In this genre, bands get the chance to purely focus on the wondrous avenues music alone can take them to. Bands such as Mr. Maps (Brisbane) and Apricot Rail (Perth) are doin’ it right. So are Ghost Notes.

Ghost Notes are a six-piece instrumental band from Brisbane who’ve been kicking around since 2009. They’ve released a brand new single ‘Go Where It Takes You’, which follows on from their incredibly rich By Cover Of Night LP. The track sticks to the band’s signature jazzy, post-rock element, with that stark lead trumpet taking us all for a wander. And while we’re all in Gatsby mode, this could make a fitting soundtrack to that intense moment where Leo decides to snort diamantes.

The glorious thing about this 6 minute epic is the mystery and romanticism captured in the lead melody. The track sits on top of an unsettled and messy percussive bed of sounds. Listening to Ghost Notes is like watching the highlights reel of a good film in your mind; it’s unpredictable and exciting. More people should definitely be paying attention to this band, and this entire genre in Australia.

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