PREMIERE: Bad//Dreems – ‘Hoping For’

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Out from the gentrified sprawl of suburban Adelaide comes a new video from WTH favourites Bad//Dreems.

Defying age, occupation and Centrelink brackets, the new clip from Bad//Dreems takes a steep ascent to the peak of Cultural Cringe and sticks a shovel in at the summit. The current climate for jangly, interbreeding suburban garage bands looks like it’s probably sticking around. I’m cool with the late checkout, but I just prefer pepped-up, happy “chillmate” from bands like these guys, Laughing LeavesThe Stevens etc. rather than the rest of the vegetarians lamenting about their girlfriends through their nose. That shit just makes me sad.

On the other hand, ‘Hoping For’ is heaps of fun. Along with Client Liason’s infamous homage to our wide brown land, this video also needs to be reconsidered by Tourism Australia. It’s all bro-gan schmoozing, muscle cars and other miscellaneous behaviour that makes self-deprecating nationalism, revered. As for the loose dick on a trampoline, no one wants to take liability for that. The video was shot in Port Adelaide and in the north of South Australia near Orroroo. Kinda makes Airbourne look like they need to re-sit their citizenship.

Thriving boganvillea brought to you by rad director Al Kinsie (Who By Fire), brilliant subtitles and VHS effects courtesy of Ben Helweg.

Bad//Dreems are releasing their upcoming EP Badlands on July 19th. The band are heading out through Adelaide and the East coast during July and August for a string of dates, stay tuned for details.


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