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Not long ago I returned to Melbourne after spending two years in the UK. Upon returning I noticed two things: a) Australian public transport has not improved at all, and b) Flume is kind of a ‘big deal’.

I’d been following Harley Streten’s progress while I was overseas but didn’t actually realise the magnitude of his profile before getting back onto home soil. Although I listened to the album quite a few times before I left  and while his tracks found their way onto most of the party playlists I made. Maybe I’m going to the wrong parties here but it seems like he’s still a pretty big deal.

‘Sleepless’ is still being flogged on all the Smirnoff swathed iPods around Melbourne. People need to move on. There are plenty of local electronic producers who miss out on all the accolade. I’m pretty stoked I came across about Nick Lynar recently. Lynar is a 25 year old beatsmith from Illawarra, NSW who’s been making tunes out of his bedroom for just over 2 years.

Flume’s soundtrack might feed the masses, but Lynar seeks for more refined tastes, adding depth and melancholy with his slow burning tune ‘Twisted Angles’. The track is a fleeting, moody number driven by a continuous synth loop. Collaborator Rob Taylor’s vocals sound like Luke Steele in glitch mode, which makes this even better. Lynar experiments with a wide range of electronic percussion in this track and he’s definitely worth your attention.

If this track is anything to go by, we can expect to see the local EDM scene further polarised by this guy. He’s apparently releasing an EP soon, so watch this space.


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