LISTEN: Motion Picture Actress – ‘I Keep Falling Around Here’

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I have heaps of dreams about falling. Dreams about my teeth falling out into my hands. Dreams about people stealing my food. Last night I woke up in a sweat after dreaming a Jewish lady tattooed the words ‘PEARL JAM’ in metalcore font across my abdomen without my consent.

The new track from Motion Picture Actress is a little more soothing. MPA is Brisbane producer Thomas Brydon (who recently played the ‘Cool Party’ gig we presented with Silo Arts up at Bigsound two weeks ago).

‘I Keep Falling Around Here’ is another wavering imprint of MPA’s general sound. The track is more ‘drip-wave’ than some of his previous creations which placed stronger emphasis on more hip-hop leaning beats. My ears sometimes feel a little displaced loitering around in the strange world of sounds (or ‘feels’ as they might have in EDM-land) but there are some rad arpeggiated sounds and lots of dreamy, cascading bleep things that make me feel like bathing in lavender salts and coding HTML at the same time. This track pries up the wormhole to the portal of your dial-up internet dreams. Listen up.



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