LISTEN: Yon Yonson – ‘How Bad Do You Want It?’ (Ft. Simo Soo)

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Yon Yonson seem like the band you want to hang out with at the end of a gig. Reading through their Soundcloud is a case in point. With lines like, ‘Sorry about the shit-stream of links but we be livin’ in crazy modern times’, it’s nice to know there are bands out there who don’t take themselves too seriously. The Sydney duo are Andrew Kuo and Nathan Saad, and they’re another one of those duos who are hard to pin down. Citing ‘the internet’ as their primary influence, there’s truth behind their self-deprecatory streak in saying that Yon Yonson was a way to ‘cope with musical ADHD’.

Hearing ‘How Bad Do you Want It’ proves to be a starker contrast to the tracks found on their excellent Antipodes EP. If you were to characterise an ‘aesthetic’, you’d be hard pressed to move beyond the handling of both their vocals. Sydney rap-bag Simo Soo’s layered harmonics proved to be a good choice. This latest track is a lot more interesting though. It’s something that certainly doesn’t grip you from the start, it’s more of a slow-burner. That’s of course until the track descends with a sequence of brash vocals and electronica. Samples chop and change, and vocals mirror that of the punk-styles of Coolies maybe.

YY have definitely carved themselves an interesting perch amongst a rather crowded ‘indie’ scene. Stay tuned.


While Yon Yonson are busy working on their follow up, Simo Soo will be playing around Australia through October & November on these dates:

October 3 – The Bird, Perth w/ Outerwaves
November 4 – Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne w/ Biscotti
November 9 – FBi Social, Sydney

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