LISTEN: Roku Music – ‘Collider’

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Roku Music


Impressively spearheaded by Donovan Miller of No Anchor and Innez Tulloch from Tiny Spiders, Roku Music are a Brisbane four piece who make heavy shoegaze music that feels drawn-out, but always bloody tough.

After a few lineup changes, the band now feature bassist Jody Gleeson of Brisbane throwback girl-group The Madison and Thomas Roche of The Rational Academy on drums. Late 2013, the band entered the studio (Miller and Tulloch’s own) to record their first album. ‘Collider’, the name of the band’s forthcoming album and first single is the most solid statement of intent we’ve seen from this band yet.

Miller and Tulloch are both formidable guitarists. Both get an incredible amount of power out of their instruments; layers of distortion turn to whirlpools under a sweetly expansive vocal. The production here is epic and tense without ever being cluttered – and the track still weighs down around your shoulders, but in way that’s more comforting that claustrophobic.

Roku Music’s debut album Collider will be released through Sonic Masala Records in March.

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