The Middle East – 'Blood'


The Middle East – ‘Blood’

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I feel like Arcade Fire comparisons have been overused in music reviews over the past whenever, so I’m going to do my best to not compare The Middle East to Montreal’s finest.

It’s tough though, because this Townsville (QLD) collective do fit the criteria, at least initially – a large collection of musicians (at least 6, possibly 7) who create dramatic and climactic folk-ish anthems. Plus, if the Arcade Fire released this song, it would’ve got a whole lot more attention than it has so far, because it’s really fucking amazing.

‘Blood’ was released as part of Spunk Records’ ‘Singles Club’, a succession of ten seven inches from unsigned bands released weekly from November to January. They’ve all been pretty great, and should be available together on a compilation sometime in Feb.


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