Villians of Wilhelm

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Villians of Wilhelm – ‘Angelina’

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Villians of Wilhelm are a  four piece indie rock band from Brisbane with a punk sensbility and style that belies the pop undertones of their songs.

‘Angelina’ – and I use this comparison as a point of reference and not to sound reductive or critical – sounds a lot like Franz Ferdinand with Australian accents. From the punchy guitars, bouncing rhythm section and the “Ba ba ba da ba” refrain, Villians of Wilhelm manage to convey the same sense of sexual angst through danceable guitar songs as their Scottish contemporaries have done for a while now. The chorus, however,  is more power-chordy, syncopated and shouted than anything Franz would include but this only helps delineate the band from their influences and exhibits a talent for arrangements beyond dependable but going-stale four-on-the-floor routines.

This is a great single that’s being launched around the country over the next month.



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