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Tara Simmons –  ‘Domino’

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Forgive me for making  a broad statement, but it seems to me that most  piano-based female singer-songwriters in the 21st Century come from one of three strains:
The Tori Amos strain;
The Missy Higgins strain or
The Imogen Heap strain.

Brisbane singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Tara Simmons shows the influence of all of the above (strings from Amos, jazzy phrasing from Higgins, glitchy beats and impressive self-production skills from Heap) but creates music far beyond the sum of her influences.
‘Domino’  is incredibly well-written and arranged, from opening lyrical couplet “So we like a reason so we don’t forget our place/if you lie a little, you might just be getting brave” over lush strings to the killer saxophone solo towards the end of the track.
Just quietly, Simmons is a major talent who is just getting started.

‘Domino’ is from Tara Simmons’ debut album Spilt Milk, which she is launching at Brisbane’s Judith Wright Centre  on the 14th of February.



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