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Apple a day keeps the doctor away, amirite? Nah, mate. Indie rock. Indie rock keeps the doctor away. Get those limbs flailing, practise your air guitar, smile a bit – all facets of the indie rock listening experience. The world can throw all the sickness and disease your way, it doesn’t matter, FLOWERTRUCK will keep your heart pumping at a health-sustaining 60-100 bpm.

Three singles in, and the Sydney foursome sound brighter and catchier than ever. ‘Sunshower’ delivers broad strokes of shimmering guitar, inflected with 80’s Australiana – the Go-Betweens, the Triffids, Even As We Speak. It’s engineered to blossom in your skull, smear a grin on your dome and get you dancing. You put on the shoes, lay down the cardboard, and start strutting your stuff like it’s 1989 and Paul’s Boutique just came out.

If you’re having trouble with the exact particulars of how to get down to ‘Sunshower’, let their video show you how. Grab some round fruits (preferably apples) and try to stack them. When failure inevitably comes calling, throw the table in the air (scene not shown) and dance like a lunatic on a windy cliff in front of some plastic. Oddly specific, but hey, that’s what the kids are doing it these days. Get with the times!

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