WATCH: Crepes – ‘Size of Your Town’

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Melbourne five-piece Crepes have released the clip to ‘Size of Your Town’, the downer-pop slow burner that closes out their debut EP Cold Summers. The clip is an ode to the boys’ central Victoria hometown, Ballarat, splicing VHS footage of Crepes with a 1994 performance from fellow countrymen the Teddyboys, an 80s band covering 60s swing. For an extra layer of WTF the boys have helpfully added Japanese subtitles for full karaoke absurdist effect.

The clip’s nostalgia is the initial drawcard, but it also serves as a great reminder to go back and listen through Crepes’ debut EP again – because damn, it’s a lovely slacker-psych kaleidoscope.

Fun fact: after seeing the clip I watched about 20 minutes of pancake tutorials. Thank you, Crepes, for not only being a delicious breakfast food but for producing equally delectable tunes.

Crepes are headed north with shows in Melbourne and Sydney before ending up in Brisbane next week for their BIGSOUND spot.

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