Talons – ‘Keys and Codes’

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Talons – ‘Keys & Codes’

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Our friends over at Polaroids of Androids have been talking up this band for a while. I’ll admit that I took a while to warm to them but there’s only so long that Talons could exist in my periphery before finally catching my attention. This is my favourite track of theirs so far. In a few words? Unrelenting. Aggressive. Engrossing.

Not nearly as atonal as some have labeled them, Talons produce traditionally constructed, concise songs – the tension is in the distortion, thumps and shouts that they smear their tracks with. There’s hooks in this song if you listen close enough and the guitar itself isn’t nearly as overdriven as you might expect, which suggests a more considered ferocity than many of their contemporaries.

Consider me officially on the Talons bandwagon.



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