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Jamie Lloyd – ‘Michael’

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Another Future Classic release; another fantastic, diverse record; another Sydney artist!  The profile of Jamie Lloyd has been growing steadily ever greater over the past 18 months since releasing his debut 12″ single ‘Adoris Kitchen’ which became somewhat of a favourite with DJs around the place.  Late 2006 then saw the release of Jamie’s first full length LP Trouble Within, which demonstrates Jamie’s wide musical influences. 

Jamie actually began his musical career singing (and later dabbling in guitar) in the more progressive rock band Element.  Australian TV junkies may remember a violin-weidling house member called Mirabai Peart in the second series of Big Brother Australia which aired in 2002.  Well she was a one-time member of Element. though once she departed from the group they became far more progressive and, in my opinion, a lot better. 

Like I mentioned before, Trouble Within really covers a lot of electronic musical ground, ranging from the more ambient/lounge sounds to trip hop, dance and even glitch.  It’s this earnestness to incorporate a wide variety of instruments and sounds that seems to be setting Jamie aside from the crowded pack of electronic artists.  His unique approach to composition also means that the end product is qutie different to what’s out there at the moment.

The track I’ve chosen from the album is ‘Michael’, which happens to be written about a friend of mine and Jerry’s, Michael Noel, who sadly passed away from cancer a few years ago.  Vocals on the track were contributed by Rachel Pike, singer of the now-defunct Sydney group Endusk, which Michael was a part of, and a band who often shared the stage with Jamie’s former group.  But to get a clearer overview of Trouble Within, I implore you to check out Jamie’s MySpace page to hear more tunes for this great record.




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