Grand Atlantic – ‘She’s A Dreamer’ / ‘Single Ladies’ (Beyonce Cover)



Grand Atlantic – ‘She’s A Dreamer’

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Grand Atlantic – ‘Single Ladies’ (Beyonce Cover)

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It’s important not to lose sight of the fact that this post is about Grand Atlantic’s forthcoming single She’s A Dreamer. Forget that they’ve done a cover of the best pop song of the last bazillion years. Forget that their straight-faced, soft-rock version is both moving and hilarious without actually trying to be either. Just forget that song exists for a moment.

She’s A Dreamer is less modern sounding than the previously covered Tripwires (ie. there’s no synth) but it’s no less catchy. With a chorus as big and circling as something by The Lovetones or Oasis at their wettest, its muscle and stomp is matched by a hook and bass groove that keeps the head bobbing for three and a half minutes.

The song is available for free download from their page and is pulled from the forthcoming ‘How We Survive’ (which also includes Tripwires).

Also, apparently the band have done a cover of Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies.’ Might be worth checking out…

‘Woah-oh-ooh, woah-oh-ooh oh-oh-oooh…’


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