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The Inches

The Inches – ‘Dress Like Gods’

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Hot young things out of Melbourne, The Inches are living proof that the Aussie music industry does work in weird and wonderful ways. Signed before they had even played a single show, these boys are now part of the Red Label roster, an underground subdivision of the behemoth that is SonyBMG. With an average age of about twenty-one, the group posses a proficiency which far outstrips their years, as they rip through their modern take on 70s glam in the vein of T-Rex, Bowie, and perennial favourites, Deep Purple.

But it would be wrong to label The Inches as yet another ‘scene’ band who wear their influences like a second skin. For they also meld punk-funk, disco and most importantly (for this author) extended psychedelic jams into their numbers, which makes for a highly unique sound. There’s alot of buzz surrounding these guys, and it’s pretty easy to see why. As drummer Manny Bourakis explains “Melbourne is a city with a good rock community, but lots and lots of shit bands.” Good to see that this outfit managed to inch their way to the top of the heap. Who needs the metric system anyway?


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