Transport – ‘Stone Hearted’

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Here’s the power of a good song at work.  I know nothing about Brisbane’s Transport (aside from the fact that they’re from Brisbane) but when I heard their brand new single ‘Stone Hearted’ I felt compelled to blog.  It’s just so damn catchy! It’s 3 minutes of power pop/rock glory.

OK,here’s what I actually know (well, actually just researched in the past 5 minutes) – there’s three guys who make up Transport.  They formed in 2002 and in 2003 won the Australian National Campus Band Competition (basically, all the universities in Australia have band comps, the winners go to the next stage and so on and so forth until there’s the big national competition… you get the idea, like a rock pyramid scheme really…)  They’ve been kicking around the live scene, getting trashed on radio and yeah… that’s about all I know.  They’ve just finished the tour in support of the release of ‘Stone Hearted’ and they’ve got over 30 000 hits on their MySpace.  Check it out!


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