The Suitable Few

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The Suitable Few

The Suitable Few – ‘The Fringe Of Society’

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When something becomes extremely massive, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes the subject of parody.  Enter The Suitable Few and their song ‘The Fringe of Society’.

They’re not exactly hip-hop, but they’re not exactly rock, and they’re sure as hell not rap-metal or nü-metal or any of those late 90s alternative disaster scenes.  This Sydney five piece have been kicking around for a few years creating their own special brand of live hip-hop.  They released a self-titled EP in 2004 which contained a lot of live favourites, but didn’t properly capture their great on-stage energy.  It’s been their live set that has propelled The Suitable Few up the social music ladder, especially their ‘Topic Jams’ – improvised songs where MCs Adikkal and Balistik freestyle about topics suggested by the audience.  It’s so simple, but its brilliance lies in its simplicity, and the audience responds so well to them.  The fun nature of The Suitable Few is infectious, and you can’t help but smile and dance along to their tunes.  They’ve supported some of the biggest names in the local Aussie hip hop scene such as The Herd, Downsyde and Fast Crew but also more rock-oriented acts such as 28 Days and Spiderbait. 

And that’s where ‘The Fringe of Society’ comes in, The Suitable Few’s brand new song off their as-yet untitled EP, due for release in 2007.  This song is hilarious and takes a shot at the ultra-serious emo scene.  It was only a matter of time before someone did an emo parody, and thank God it was these guys because they do it so well.  Live, this song is even funnier because often the emo kids don’t think it’s a parody! There’s also a great filmclip to accompany this song, which can be viewed at the band’s website.



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