Kate Miller-Heidke – 'Walking On A Dream' cover



Kate Miller-Heidke – ‘Walking On A Dream’ cover (mp3)

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I’ve never been sure about Kate MH’s album or image. She comes across as a sweet natured girl in interviews with a genuine vocal talents good enough to do opera, definitely sufficient for pop. Yet the way she’s been presented in her own publicity seems slightly contrived, and unfortunately this cover version isn’t helping. I was intrigued when I received this, thinking that she would add her own pop flavour to the track and give herself a chance to change people’s minds, but what she ended up with is a somewhat colourless ballad. Going up against Luke Steele’s singing was never going to be easy, but she could’ve done so much more with it.



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  1. Jessie

    February 19, 2010 8:04 am

    In my mind this song is anything but “colourless”; sure, it lacks the flash and dash of the original, but in my opinion the song is naked and raw. This simple quality is something that is lacking in today’s music industry. This version is fearless in it’s simplicity, not hiding behind intrumentals and production value. The lyrics in the original are beautiful; but this cover gives the lyrics a deeper meaning; allowing them to be dark and haunting and lovely and longing all at the same time. Miller-Heidke’s bare bones version allows these lyrics to be centre stage as opposed to background players as they are in the original.



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