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Riot In Belgium
– ‘La Musique’

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Welcome to the Earth’s 2007th orbit around the sun since the birth of Jesus (or so the story goes). With it comes New Year’s Resolutions made and no doubt already broken, a chance to wipe away the woes of the previous year and the return of Who The Bloody Hell Are They! 2006 will forever be remembered as the year that brought rock kids to the dance floor and dance kids to the pubs; where popular music became a pastiche of live instrumentation and dance-infused personality, and Australian acts like The Presets, The Valentinos, Van She and teenagersintokyo – just to name a few – blurred the lines between genres even more. So it seems only fitting that we’d start with one of the more popular tracks released in the past 12 months…

It’s almost unbelievable that ‘La Musique’, one of the dance floor anthems of 2006, is only the second release from Bennie Single and Joel Dickson, collectively known as Riot In Belgium. The duo are of the highest pedigree – Bennie’s alter-ego is DJ Damage of Sydney DJ troubadours The Bang Gang, whilst Joel was a one-time member of Melbourne’s Cut Copy.

Folktore tells that the moniker was derived from the boys’ love of “waffles, dark chocolate and Technotronic”. Their debut studio collaboration resulted in ‘The Acid Never Lies’, a similarly thumping anthemic dance tune that brought Riot In Belgium to both national and international attention, garnering them many a remix job for the likes of K.I.M. (a.k.a. Kim Moyes of Presets fame) and Sneaky Sound System. On the back of the success of their debut release came ‘La Musique’, which was in every DJ’s bag of tricks during ’06. Abrasive French vocals (courtesy of Gini) are backed by a bed of electro-infused synth lines and thumping digital drums. It’s rump-shaking, fist-pumping brillance for the 2AM peaking hour.

There’s a remix by Van She (under the Van She Tech moniker) floating around dance floors as well – but this track was always ripe for the remixing. No doubt disco heads are waiting impatiently for the next offering from these superstar DJs.


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  1. Renee

    December 15, 2007 7:25 pm

    I LOVE the original mix [the one on this page] so much more. The new polished mix lacks the amazing PUNCH that this version has.



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