Bridezilla live set; Q&A

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Watch the full concert at

Watch the full concert at

Above is footage of Bridezilla performing a live set for ‘The Guest Apartment’ at Baeble Music.

In other Bridezilla news, their debut album ‘The Last Dance’ is out November 7 on Inertia. Yay. I had a brief correspondence with vocalist Holiday Cameron-Sparks in the lead-up to its release. The wily singer doesn’t give away much about their impending record because “it’s like giving away the sex of a baby,” but it’s only made me more keen to get my hands on it. Q&A below.

What was it like starting out so young? Has it been like one of those high school relationships that got a bit weird when you left school?

Everyone’s gone through their respective phases and rites of passage. We have to keep on our toes, adjusting and adapting. We are very, painfully, close.

How was it performing at ATP in New York?

Perverted and indulgent; an honour and a thrill.

Your album is coming out soon – what should we expect from it? What did you expect going into it?

I expected it to sound like The Colo River mystified by my adolescence. I want you to expect nothing, so you can be surprised! It’s like giving away the sex of a baby before it’s born, and painting the walls accordingly.

As well as all the bands you’ve played with at ATP, you recently toured with Decoder Ring and Seekae, bands that get critical acclaim and talked of as ‘intelligent’ or ‘high art’ music. Did you seek to achieve something like with your album? Did you see it as a collection of songs or a work of art?

I hear it as both, increasingly so. It’s nice to confuse and challenge yourself by making your music more complex than you can care to understand, and the art of it allows us to get away with anything in the name of abstraction.

Tracks like your latest single ‘Beaches’ are fairly atmospheric. Is that something you plan and take into consideration at the time of writing and rehearsing or does that all happen when you’re in the studio?

We’ve tried to use the advantages of recording and electronic equipment purely to emphasize (with subtlety and purpose) dynamics that are already in place.

The other striking thing about ‘Beaches’ is that it sounds quite big, almost epic, and yet it’s over in about 2mins. Did you consciously keep that song tight, and is it a reflection of the forthcoming album?

It may well be a result of attention deficit, but perhaps everything is there in that 2 minutes that needs to be. Perhaps that’s all you need to hear.

Who is your favourite Australian band/artist at the moment?

In my bias opinion, The Scare are the most frustratingly under-appreciated band in Australia. We are lucky to have them. In Sydney, Cabins, Seekae, Marf Loth, and A Casual End Mile. In Melbourne, Teen Archer, Super Wild Horses, and Witch Hats.

What’s your favourite Australian album of the last decade?

My Mother’s records. Loene Carmen: Slight Delay, Rock N Roll Tears, and It Walks Like Love. I haven’t got my hands on Rowland S Howard’s Pop Crimes yet though, and that will be a tough contender, I know.



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