Castratii – ‘Colours’

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Castratii – ‘Colours’ (mp3)

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Castratii list themselves as “Gospel/Black Metal/Minimalist” on their Myspace. With bands constantly using those generic tags to take the piss, it can often be hard to tell when artists are actually trying to describe their music and when they are lampooning the site’s insistence on categorisation. Add to the confusion that Castratii’s The Music of Chance EP artwork also resembles something you’d expect from a metal band and I’m starting to wonder whether I’ve been sent the wrong EP.

I haven’t; the songs all line up, this is the same band. But the Castratii that I’ve had on repeat the last few days are not metal. The song above isn’t, and neither are any of the others I’ve been happily absorbing. Castratii actually make atmospheric guitar based compositions with strong vocal melodies sung in a falsetto, which rubs against the more industrial clamour of the drum machines in the above song. Elsewhere, they opt for more patient and less beat-heavy compositions, placing greater emphasis on the vocals, which take a cue from Animal Collective’s appropriation of Beach Boys harmonies. ‘Colours’ isn’t the best on their EP, but it’s the most likely to hit you first time you hear it. Check out their Myspace for some more of their “Black Metal” stylings.


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  1. Rara

    October 19, 2009 10:38 pm

    Castratii are funny that way, I agree that the EP artwork looks like it’s meant to be a metal band..I was rather confused when I was sent the artwork after knowing some of their music. But then I realised the artwork and the music has some sort of mystery to it, like a secret society. It is pretty evident with the photos they have released, the haunting qualities of their tracks, the artwork that looks like a ouija board and even the name ‘Castratii’-the practice of castrating young boys for the purpose of operatic vocals is something that is hidden in the past.



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