Brain Slaves

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Brain Slaves – ‘Ethereal Sunrise’ (mp3)

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Brain Slaves – ‘Sash and Jack’ (mp3)

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Brain Slaves are a nifty Auckland five-piece who’ve landed the support for Miami Horror at the Oxford Arts Factory on the 13th of this month. From the demos we received, the only umbrella statement I can make about their output is that it’s incredibly varied but generally includes intensely modulated guitars. As if to illustrate the point, I’ve included two different but rad jams.

‘Ethereal Sunrise’ is a more krautrock-via-Screamadelica inspired dirge for two thirds of its running time, and then the lock-groove beat and bassline give way for jangly guitars and a synth pop denouement. ‘Sash and Jack,’ on the other hand, sounds like an Australian pop-rock single from the ’80s, with the catchy if not slightly camp vocal melody obscured by just enough reverb to keep things from sounding too clean.



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