The UV Race – ‘Gore Orphanage’

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The UV Race – ‘Gore Orphanage’ (mp3)

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I’ll get it out of the way in the first sentence – these guys sound a lot like Eddy Current Suppression Ring. If you don’t like that band then you won’t like The UV Race. If, like me, you love Eddy Current Suppression Ring, then this will “rock your boat” (pun intended). They’re even signed to Aarght! Records, the label run by ECSR/Brain Children mastermind Mikey Young. But that’s not meant to be reductive- both bands work within a similarly restrained aesthetic framework and  sing with a strong Australian accent. The world could use a few more ECSR’s anyway.

Even when singing about a ruined and supposedly haunted orphanage in Ohio (thanks Wikipedia), this  kind of music can’t help but sound like summer. It’s energetic, extroverted, and has that messy abandon that the summer heat just brings out. The warm tones of the guitar seem to match the vibrant warm tones of the beating sun. The lack of visible effort is especially what makes the mere 100 seconds of ‘Gore Orphanage’ so comfortable and fun. This is music for the outdoors, not for headphones.



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