The Spirits – The Other Half

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The Spirits – The Other Half (mp3)

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Amidst the clutter and tech-obsession of the Sydney scene, there is an uncomplicated quality and honesty in The Spirits music that has done well to make them a band apart.

“The Other Half” brandishes the typically dreamy, dark and cavernous indie sound you would expect from a band of their influence, yet the real exception here is the light that steadily pours in to become a bona fide flood by songs end. The ebb and flow of interweaving reverbed guitars is accompanied by a truly outstanding vocal delivery, yet the overall vibe is stripped of any excess sonic bramble and goes straight for the heartstrings first and foremost.

In fact, the romanticism here is so well executed that, very awesomely, it actually comes across as right proper genuine. Such sincerity in a young Australian band is so refreshing considering the palpable abscene of such sensibilities amongst their local musical peers. It’s even better to hear on record.



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