Rand and Holland: It's Alright

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Rand and Holland – ‘It’s Alright’

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I’m back in Sydney for a week and a bit for some work and also to attend the V Festival that has decided to skip Melbourne for some weirdo reason. I was at a dinner party on Sunday night, thrown by an ex-girlfriend who had decided to cook me a lamb roast as a thank you for showing her around Melbourne when she visited a few weeks ago. The soundtrack was provided by her Ipod, which I have filled up with albums that I thought she would like. On high rotation were The Shins, Of Montreal, and locals Rand and Holland. To my envy she saw the duo the night before at the Hopetoun the night before, which I had decided to spend quietly cos I didn’t think there was anything worth going out for. Anyway dinner was good but some people got drunker than I was so it got boring/annoying and I left as soon as I got the chance. The point of this story is, even though the dinner experience didn’t end up as great as I thought it would, as long as the soundtrack for the night is great you’ll remember it as a good night anyway. Especially if you have these guys on the stereo.
Melbourne people: catch them live at Northcote SC tonight!




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