The Temper Trap on New Years Eve in Marion Bay.

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It’s no secret that being popular or striving to be successful, especially overseas, can lead to negative reactions from snarky music fans in Australia. Sadly, popular Australian music forums encourage such chatter and that can sometimes turn potentially new fans against good bands. The Temper Trap had received mixed reviews before heading to the UK to set up camp and release the debut LP ‘Conditions’ internationally. They spent most of the year working hard with a very busy touring schedule and were rewarded with an overwhelming welcome home that included a set at the Marion Bay, Falls Festival. I was holidaying in Tassie and going to the festival, so I took the opportunity to get some shots of these guys, who delivered a short but cracking set. The lead vocalist may have been ill but he didn’t show it and the crowd thanked him as they excitedly sang along to all the songs, not just that one big single.

Check out their myspace for remaining local tour dates here.


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