My Disco – ‘Young’


My Disco – ‘Young’ (mp3)

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Australian blogger types have been getting moist with anticipation ever since it was announced a while back that My Disco would be putting out a new single in Feb ’10. That single has arrived. In digital, mp3 form anyway. And it’s not just a throwaway single, a studio leftover, a single that you’ll absorb in a few minutes and forget about – no. ‘Young’ goes for 11 solid minutes, which would alleviate any potential disappointment based purely on value for money. But it’s also a bonus that each of those pounding 11 minutes is pretty fucking good. It opens with a bang (ie. loud, scrappy, wirey guitar over a driving rhythm section) and continues to chug along to the point of ferocious monotony. This is one of those jams that will probably reach borderline transcendence when played live on stage.

Given the buzz around this band I assume blog readers have probably already heard this track elsewhere since an FTP failure on my part prevented this monster of a song from getting uploaded correctly the other day. But for those who want another taste or need to catch up, here it is.


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