Predrag Delibasich

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Predrag Delibasich – ‘Serpent Bites the Young Lion’ (mp3)

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Although he’s been kicking around the Perth music scene for over ten years, Serbian-born muso Predrag Basalich only just recently started releasing music under his own name (yes, Predrag Delibasich is his name). In live sets, apparently his setup is filled out by just three drummers and three guitarists. You know when you see a band sound-checking three drumkits that they’re going to be quite rhythm-heavy, and ‘Serpent Bites the Young Lion’ is certainly that. In fact, detractors might say that this song is nothing but clattering drums and some inconsequential guitar noodling over the top. Fair enough – if you don’t dig this track after one minute then you’re unlikely to dig it after three. Though it has a subtle build, the song otherwise refuses to change course, trading on the rush of incessant drum hits.

I’d love to check this guy out live as I’m sure that’s where his material shines.



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