Guerre – ‘Let It Down’

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Guerre – ‘Let It Down’ (mp3)

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This unusual little chestnut popped up in our SoundCloud account last week and it would seem the artist is a prolific, mysterious Sydney-sider, whose blog lists at least five EPs released in 2010 already. I’ve no idea which – if any – the above track is from. It arrived divorced of any information beyond a Myspace link, but I was sucked in nonetheless.

‘Let It Down’ is not a pop tune by any means, consisting of just washed out, meditative chants as the musical backdrop with languid, muffled, multi-tracked vocals over the top. The whole thing borders on ambient, but manages to hold it together nicely without ever feeling directionless. If you’re keen then there’s heaps of free “Guerre” digital releases to be nabbed from the artists aforementioned blog and they range from electronic drone to post-rock to more acapella stuff.



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