‘Princess One Point Five’ Easter Sunday @ the Northcote Social Club

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Launching their new single ‘Today’, Sarah Jane arrived with a basket of easter eggs. Unfortunately this wasn’t enough to get the limp crowd excited and certainly no one was standing up – not after eating jesus all day.

It was a little sleepy which is a shame because P1.5 sound great. Sarah-Jane and Richard Andrew have a wonderful energy and know how to pen a pop song. This show felt a little flat and with two band members reading sheet music, a small crowd and my high expectations, I left a little disappointed.

P1.5’s new single sounds catchy and with an LP to follow, it will be interesting to see how a band that has previously had plenty of success, competes with the current wave of local talent.

To pick up the new single, check out their official site here – www.princessonepointfive.com



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