Vorad Fils – ‘Lioness’

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Vorad Fils – ‘Lioness’ (mp3)


Vorad Fils is the new solo project for John Hassell of Seekae fame, whose debut ‘The Warmest Static’ also rounds out the excellent POWWOW new music series from Feral Media.

Vorad Fils shares a sense of amazing technical accomplishment with Seekae, but the music isvery different. Whereas Seekae trade on icy, downbeat atmospherics mixed with glitch-y beats, ‘Lioness’ is more sample based, turning snippets of strings and pianos into a beat that bisect IDM and chillwave. That said, Hassell covers a lot of ground on this album, which ultimately sounds like a talented artist unrestrained by aesthetic boundaries.

‘The Warmest Static’ is definitely worth getting your hands on.




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