Big Scary – 'Autumn'

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Big Scary – ‘Autumn’ (mp3)

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I don’t handle sentimental, saccharine songs well. ‘Autumn’ is one of them. Jonathan Boulet’s ‘Community Service Announcement‘ had the same effect last year. They all begin with a small waver of nostalgic piano, and stir you up with rousing irredescent beats. Then at the pivotal moment, they break into glorious, elevating Arcade Fire-type melodies, spilling out a plethora of maudlin hues that poke and prod at all your memories of good times, shit breakups and old friends – turning you into a pathetic blabbering mess. Then again, I’m a walking emotional disaster. You’ll probably think just it’s a reasonably good song.

Big Scary have been around for quite a few years now. Although the living room fuzz of their older tracks are equally as likable, their newer and somewhat mellower approach has received a bit more buzz around town lately. Their track ‘Autumn’ is currently featuring in TV spots for the Victorian government’s volunteer campaign.

Deriving inspiration from the sensory experiences of nature, Big Scary are bringing out four offerings that will be released in seasonal installments – ‘Autumn’, ‘Winter’, ‘Spring‘ and ‘Summer’. The movements from each of these EPs will feature on the ‘Four Seasons Compilation’, due for release in January 2011.
You’ll be definitely hearing a lot more from these guys.


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