Charlie Why – ‘I Am Deliciously Wired’

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Charlie Why – ‘I Am Deliciously Wired’ (mp3)


The latest release in Bang Gang’s 12″ series is by the prolific Charlie Why (aka Charlie Murdoch aka 50% of production/remix team Rio Lobotomy aka 25% of Brisbane indie upstarts Comic Sans). Charlie Why is Murdoch’s solo project and above is the title track from his long-awaited debut EP, which acts as an apt introduction to his ultra-compressed and thumping electro-house leanings.

‘I Am Deliciously Wired’ is painted with a few broad brush strokes and lands like a punch in the face – which isn’t to say that this is background music for morons. Despite its immediacy, the track sounds considered and thoughtfully constructed, moving forward with purpose as variously sounds move in and out of the near perfect mix. Good stuff.


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