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Isle Adore – ‘Keep A Lid On’ (mp3)

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Underlapper – ‘Elephant Shoe’ (mp3)

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I’ve written about New Weird Australia before, the super rad blog/podcast/radio show that features the best and latest in experimental/electronic Australian music. They’ve just put out the sixth and latest in their series of  free compilation albums,  and they announced that this volume (number six) will be the last of its kind. Future compilations will take on a themed/artist-curated format, but Volume Six is a great way to send off their old approach – it’s the strongest of their compilations series so far.

The above tracks by Underlapper and Isle Adore stood out as worth drawing attention to. The former, because I’m a blogger and thus like anything that sounds like Animal Collective; the latter because I’m a blogger and thus like anything that sounds like chillwave. I’m kidding (not really, send me all your Aus chillwave). What these songs show is the diverse territory that NWA cover, from the almost-pop of Isle Adore to the laptop beat of Underlapper, through to the opening doom/drone track by Ambrose Chapel. Volume Six is a wonderful compilation, and the above songs are a great place to start but not the end of your relationship with NWA Vol. Six.

LUV U NWA. Get the compilation HERE.



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