Black Cab – ‘Sexy Polizei’

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Black Cab – ‘Sexy Polizei’ (mp3)

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I’ve been diggin’ on Black Cab for a while, but they’re one of those bands I’ve never really posted about because they seemed “too Mess + Noise.” You know what I mean? But I couldn’t not post this track. This shit is the balls.

You know how it often sucks when yr fav band goes mainstream? Well, this time it doesn’t suck. It’s still dense and gloomy and atmospheric, but it’s got a surging synth line and a fast tempo and an understated but memorable chorus hook (“oh, you sexy polizei”). It’s pretty amazing how they’ve married their old sound with the dancefloor tropes on display here. I think the best remixes sound like the song isn’t actually remixed at all. And I think that’s what this song sounds like. Like a remix that doesn’t sound like a remix. Because it isn’t a remix. But if someone had told me it was a remixed Black Cab b-side, I would believe them. But it’s not, it’s their latest single and it’s groin-grabbingly good.



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