CRUMBS – ‘Smiling In Surgery’


CRUMBS – ‘Smiling In Surgery’ (mp3)

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I posted about CRUMBS earlier this year after the release of his first mini-LP, Pieces and Portions Vol. 1. It was a fun collection of songs, full of interesting samples and passages of impressive production – but, as it’s name suggested, it felt more like you were flicking through a sketchbook than looking at a finished artwork. CRUMBS has returned with a new mini-LP and has labeled it Pieces and Portions Vol. 2. Whilst there’s still some “sketchiness” to the songs, Vol 2 is far more cohesive than it’s earlier counterpart. The production is a bit tighter and the songs more interesting. It’s definitely a step up and a worthwhile listen, but occasionally you’re still left thinking that the songs themselves need either some vocals (/an MC) over the top or some more strucutral progression.

To condemn it for sounding incomplete is pretty superfluous since CRUMBS (aka Max Kohane) already references that in the album’s title. Pieces and Portions Vol. 2 is a fun listen and signals that Kohane has the potential to release something really cool as he continues to graduate from ‘pieces and portions’ to fully realised songs. I look forward to hearing that album (assuming it’s coming). For now, Vol. 2 is more than enough to see me through.

You can get it for free HERE at his bandcamp.


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