Guerre – ‘Night Out’

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Guerre – ‘Night Out’ (mp3)

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It was only yesterday, as I navigated my way to Guerre’s Soundcloud account, that I realised I forgot to include him in my fav new artists of 2k10 list from earlier this month. That was a huge oversight, since Guerre is definitely one of the most talented artists I’ve been introduced to all year. His music is incredibly diverse and there’s a new gem online almost every time I visit one of his sites.

From his porn-music-sampling ‘Somewhere Craving the Night‘ to his self-described hip hop jam ‘Tomorrow, Sundogs,’ the guy has put up several LP’s worth of material over the past few months and almost all of it for free download. I really hope Guerre collects the best cuts onto some sort of digital compilation/CD-R, just so the songs have more of a home and can get some more exposure.

Above is ‘Night Out,’ a song reportedly done in his brothers bedroom one night earlier this month. It’s not his most immediate tune, but it kinda says everything I love about Guerre, from the circumstances of its production to its sound.



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