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My Disco – ‘Turn’ (mp3)

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Time for Australian bloggers/blog-readers to get excited. New My Disco tunes are a-coming. ‘Turn’ is the lead single from the forthcoming album Little Joy, to be released Friday the 15th of October – only 6.5 weeks away.

‘Turn’ is based an enchanting and energetic percussion pattern that’s punctuated by moments of trademarked guitar stabs. The guitar work and vocals on display here are still firmly rooted in ‘minamilst punk,’ but the whole thing barely contains a moment of discordance. In fact, it’s a relatively beautiful song – not exactly the first word that springs to mind when you think of My Disco. And not that I ever could/would accuse these dudes of bending to hipster trends, but there’s definitely a bit of an in vogue tribal vibe to ‘Turn.’

It works. It’s a great introduction to their next album, showcasing their strengths as synthesised into a 3.5 minute pop song palatable for those who may not be familiar with/didn’t totes dig their old stuff.


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  1. Jimothy

    August 31, 2010 1:00 pm

    I agree with Pete, in a less aggressive way however. Matt talks about bloggers getting excited, but I have to question what exactly they consider good music. Way way too cool for school, nothing happens really.



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