Papercuts Collective – Launch and zine fair

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When you’re a kid growing up in the country, you are not only forced, but encouraged to make your own fun. Games with the electric fence, riding your pushbikes off jumps into dams and all sorts of other unsafe but stimulating activities. It’s kind of the same in Brisbane. Our liquor licencing laws are screwy and venue owners are scared, so D.I.Y. venues pop up across the city like field mushrooms.

With the city lacking a Sticky Institute or Format zine store, the Brisbane zine scene is also like the metaphorical mushroom field – and not just because it is fueled by the city’s bullshit. *boom tish*

SO: the Papercuts Collective are having a triple zine launch and zine fair at Bleeding Heart Gallery in the city. Bianca Valentino‘s “Conversations with Punx: A Spiritual Dialogue” (featuring interviews with Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins and more)  Staples’ travel zine “Whenever I see a bearded hobo on the street, I’ll think of you and smile” and Matt Limmer‘s art will be launched tomorrow night, with a zine fair at the same location on Friday night. My zines will also be there if you’d like to come and say hi or tell me I’m shit at life.



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