Bleeding Knees Club – ‘Bad Guys’

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Bleeding Knees Club – ‘Bad Guys’ (m4a)

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Bleeding Knees Club only started in March and have already secured east coast tours with DZ and Yatch Club DJs, recorded and EP and secured a label and distribution with Melbourne party crew I OH YOU. Pretty solid first six months – more than some bands achieve over six years. Admittedly, BKC trade in a certain brand of music that doens’t require/intentionally avoids precision, planning, and cleanliness. Not that this music is any less valuable, but you can imagine these guys bashing out an EP within the amount of time it takes some bands to soundcheck.

‘Bad Guys’ is a badass song that improves on their previous gem ‘Have Fun‘ – and that was a pretty sweet jam itself. Looking forward to the full EP, which drops October 15. Keep an eye and ear out for these bros – ‘Bad Guys’ suggests potential mega radness.

BKC recording from TAKENNEVER.COM on Vimeo.



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