Georgia Fair Q&A / 'Times Fly' video

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Ben Riley of Sydney duo Georgia Fair on:

Working with Bill Reynolds (Band of Horses).

We were really lucky to work with him, he was really like minded and brought so much to the table. We had such a great time over there.
After doing our first EP we weren’t really happy with the way it went, so we decided to write and do all these demos.  We went there with no expectations. It was really unpredictable in a roll the dice kind of way.

The recording process.

6 weeks all up and it was quite productive. For recording live, we got a lot of stuff done pretty fast. We recorded the album in North Carolina, it was really our kinda vibe down there; we just bought some booze and walked around like we were part of the scene… In between we went to Texas for SXSW, which was unreal. Got to see bands like Band of Horses, Midlake and Oh Mercy. We went on to do mixing in Atlanta, Georgia.

Being signed to a major.

It comes and goes in stages, sometimes you get overwhelmed. Sometimes being signed to a major label can make it more difficult to prove yourself as an artist for obvious reasons, but we’re gonna keep on rolling with the punches and enjoying doing what we’re doing.

Living on the coast.

I grew up over in the UK and came here in early high school and that’s when I met Jordan on the North Shore. I live on the northern beaches now and I’ve been living here for the last 10 years. It’s pretty chilled out here. It’s a good vibe.

Duo dynamics.

We started when we were about 13 and never really left it. When we started it we were more of a Nirvana cover band to get our aggravation out, but when we left school we moved to acoustic guitars and it kept going from there.

Playing Bigsound.

That was unreal. It was great to see Glenn (Richards) play, and a privilege to play on the same stage as him.

New tunes.

I’ve been enjoying the new Arcade Fire record, and I’ve been blasting Alberta Cross and Dan Kelly. Thom’s a friend of ours, we really like his stuff with Kins.

Release date for the record?

Next March.

We got back from the states on a high but now we have to wait ages until its out! I’m excited, and we’re keen for everyone to hear it.

Georgia Fair are playing One Movement, supporting The Basics throughout November and playing Peats Ridge Festival over NYE.

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